Sonicly is a better way to connect music creators with their fans to support music projects. Sonicly is uniquely designed for the creator looking to build a successful creative career. The Sonicly crowdfunding model is based on creating a series of projects of varying sizes over a period of time designed to generate steady revenue and, at the same time, identify and cultivate super fans. Sonicly offers consultation services regarding production of marketing campaigns for musical artists, and brand management consulting and strategic planning services for musical artists. Learn more about Sonicly

A music creator posts a new project for supporter participation. Once the project is posted, the creator's supporters are able to participate and claim offers in exchange for their support. It's that simple. Once the project is completed, offers are then fulfilled by the creator. Learn more about why Sonicly is the best solution for musicians

The Unconditional Support option sends money directly to the music creator regardless of whether the project reaches its target or is completed. By selecting the Unconditional Support option, the supporter is effectively converting the purchase to a contribution. Learn more about Unconditional Support.

Yes! Information on site security can be found on the Trust & Safety page.

Supporter Questions

Once a project is posted, supporters claim offers in exchange for their support. Once the project is completed, offers are then fulfilled by the creator. It's that simple. Learn more about how supporting a project works.

Your credit card will be charged on the project end date if the project reaches the funding target set by the music creator. If you choose Unconditional Support, your credit card will be charged when you click the "Process Payment" button. Learn more about when your credit card will be charged.

Yes, if the project has not reached its project end date, you can choose to cancel your support. If you chose Unconditional Support when checking out, your support cannot be canceled. Once a project has reached its end date, support cannot be canceled. Learn more about the cancellation policy.

Once money goes to the creator then it is not refundable. You may contact the creator directly and request a refund. Any refund that is agreed to will be at the sole discretion of the creator. Learn more about the refund policy.

You receive your offers directly from the music creator. Once the project has completed, the creator will be in touch with you directly to arrange delivery of the offer to you. Honoring and delivering offers to supporters is the direct responsibility of the creator. Sonicly does not fulfill project offers. Sonicly does not act as an intermediary between creators and supporters. If you have a question about the delivery of an offer, please contact the creator directly. Learn more about receiving your offer.

Creator Questions

It is free to sign up and to start a project. Only a nominal 5% platform fee + standard Stripe transaction fee are collected from the total money you raise. There are no fees for supporters other than the cost of the offer. Learn more about fees

Simply go to the For Creators page to start a new project. You will receive online step-by-step guidance from there. Learn more about creating a project.

Any music creator with a bank account in one of the countries supported by both Sonicly and Stripe can start their first project and start getting paid. Learn more about who can start a project.

If you can think it … you can create it! Your project can be a new piece of music, a live stream, a vinyl pressing of an album, or anything you can share with others. Projects don’t have to be huge. Small, spontaneous projects with shorter timelines are a great way to connect with new fans. Play a local show in the next month, compose a song tomorrow, or share hand written song lyrics over the weekend. Learn more about getting started.

You should set your funding target for each project to be the minimum you need to complete your project and fulfill offers. See our Creator's Guide for more on setting a funding target. Learn more about setting a funding target.

Usually within 5 business days after your project reaches its project end date. Unconditional Support money is sent directly to your account from Stripe usually within 5 business days after provided by a supporter. Learn more about when you receive your money

Money raised is sent directly to your bank (checking) account (less Sonicly + Stripe fees). Learn more about how you receive your money.

Yes, all money owed to you is automatically transferred directly from Stripe to your bank account when the supporter's credit card is charged. Learn more about how Sonicly and Stripe keep your money safe.